The Oven, How they handle Censorship



For those of you that do not know, The Oven is a decentralized social media platform that stands to help fight censorship. As many are aware there is a high amount of Internet censorship coming out of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

One dialogue we are seeing as of late is domain registrars and web hosting companies are censoring other known platforms like 8ch, 4ch and kiwifarms, forcing them to either remove content or just outright removing their services.

8Chan, a website again in the spotlight after the shooting in El Paso, has switched registrars. It already got booted off of its DDoS provider CloudFlare. Now, perhaps to avoid any pressure from its domain registrar, it moved to Epik for registration services. Epik also offers DDoS.

The administrator of Kiwi Farms revealed in a forum thread that New Zealand police has contacted him and demanded identifying information on all forum posters who have discussed the New Zealand terror attack. The information sought includes email and IP addresses, and breaking news of a 22-year-old New Zealander being arrested for sharing the livestream from the attack gives you a pretty good idea of the sort of things they’re planning to do with it.

If only the story ended there. A poster on r/legaladvice (archive) says that his (unnamed) forum based in Tennessee has received a similar request from New Zealand police. “Earlier this morning someone from NZ police messaged me to hand over the IP addresses of anyone ‘conversing about or sharing of the mosque video’,” writes u/ForumPolice, before asking the subreddit if he should comply.

To add to the story here The Oven suffered censoring action by their web-host claiming that some of the user content that they hosted on their video platform violated their terms of service and their domain name was seized by the web host’s digital crimes department.

The content referred to in the report was related to the Christchurch videos that were hosted on their platform.









The decision to not censor their users content was pretty obvious as the result of the requests was that the domain name and the hosting accounts were suspended.

Since then they have moved their platform to a new hosting company in Bulgaria.


Unfortunately through this incident their video platform suffered major data loss.

It cost The Oven almost two terabytes of user data and their user accounts while migrating their video platform forcing their users to re-register their accounts and upload all their data again.


The Oven has not fully recovered yet from this massive attack on free speech.

“All data is protected. We apologize for the data loss and we will be making changes to prevent this issue in the future” said The Oven’s administrator.

The Oven has since returned under a new domain name and their video platform is online at



The Oven, How they handle Censorship

The Oven, How they handle Censorship

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