Tales from the Plague: The Contact Tracer

Tales from the Plague: The Contact Tracer


11 months
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Frank is a contact tracer. He has a badge. Frank is here to help. Woe betide those who stand in his way. (think this is a work of fiction? contact-tracing programs are training & certifying anything with a pulse right now in preparation for the rollout of the 21st-century Stasi snitchcorps, while prisons have been releasing sex offenders by the dozen. these people will struggle to find "real" jobs - 'sex offender' is a pretty major scarlet letter - but there's no barrier to entry for the contact tracing industry...) please share & repost widely if you would like this not to become reality - content like this is being massively suppressed. for more like this, subscribe to this channel & visit voxnews.com - not to be confused with vox.com



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