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Greetings citizens of the world.

This is an urgent message to everyone who is sick and tired of the communist party ANTIFA.

Let us now zoom back to 1928.

The German elections.

The SPD rules comfortably with 153 seats, with the far right DNVP trailing significantly at 73.  The communist party, the KDP however, are rising at 54 seats.  And every other party is losing ground fast.

The NSDAP u ask?

They have 3 percent of the vote.  That's less than the DDP, which is a liberal party in germany.

Now, the DNVP is essentially a monarchist, pro-Russian, right-wing party.  But they are not the NSDAP.  The people are now observing the fact that the KDP is a rising star.  While in the east, the soviet union is gaining power, and millions of people are starving to death in the Ukraine.

It becomes obvious that there is a Bolchevik movement in Germany that wants the same for them.  And they are gaining ground.

Mousolini at this time is already running Italy, but he isn't mass murdering anyone, he's just running the country.  And most people like him.

1930 elections.

The communists gain another 23 seats, but suddenly there is a new player in second place, the NSDAP.  With an explicitly antI-communist platform, Adolph Hitler gathers half of the DNVPs base, and the entire DDP (which functionally ceases to exist as a national party).


Because the KDP looked ready to usurp control to the country and join the comintern.

Under stand this.  At every point the NSDAP gained popularity, it was because they absorbed antI-communist voters.

Then, 1932 happened.

In 1932, antI-fascism is organized by the KDP, to attack there political rivals in the streets.  Because the KDP is an organization of violent criminals, like all communists, they assemble a gang of thugs to attack Adolph Hitler's supporters.

July of 1932, election time.

By now the public is aware that there are literal armies of communists rampaging thru Berlin, attacking people with clubs and firebombs.  The SA, fights them in defense of public property.  Hospitals are organized into different wings for those wounded by ANTIFA or the SA.  Because communists kept waking up in their hospital beds, trying to murder wounded Nazis. 

Adolph Hitler explodes through the ceiling in German parliament, with 230 seats.  More than doubling his share, of the German government. 



Because the KDP, also grew.  Though, only by 12 seats.  The KDP, which organized mobs of violent criminals to attack people, thus moving the country to the verge of civil war, had convinced everyone who was not a communist, that they needed to rally behind Adolph Hitler, to halt the communist rampage.

Sounds a lot like to day, doesn't it?

It was precisely because of this rhetoric, that the evil fascists are murderers and monsters, and the need to attack them and stop them, was the reason the NSDAP, rose to power.  Because of fear mongering communists.

If u want to guarantee that regular people side with an extreme, right-wing movement, just take a lesson from the KDP playbook.

Because nothing convinces the people, that maybe, the nazis weren't so bad after all.

Be careful what they teach u in school, children.

Everyone should watch the documentary;

Europa: The Last Battle

I will link it in the description.

Please wake up, before we are all doomed.


We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not Forgive.

We do not Forget.

It's too late to expect us.


2017 - Europa: The Last Battle (Full Documentary)


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