~Anonymous~ ANTIFA attack against us again [Subtitles only on TheirTube]

~Anonymous~ ANTIFA attack against us again [Subtitles only on TheirTube]


8 months
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Collection of Links & previous video: https://vids.theoven.lol/v/2162?channelName=Anonymous


The unofficial creed: https://pastebin.com/Fu5QLJai

Dear community.

Dear Anons.


This text was translated from German.


We refer to our video of Wednesday 12 August 2020.

It was a clarification.


Now we are again unjustifiably attacked by ANTIFA aka "We watch Fake Anonymous" and "Anonymous Germany" formerly „Anonymous Deutschland Legion“ with twisted facts. To them, attack seems to be the best defence.

The video we shared from Kla.TV we downloaded from YouTube and uploaded it to Facebook, because on Youtube Kla.TV uploaded it much earlier. Now they want to imply that we belong to Kla TV, which is absolute bullshit. This is again a brazen insinuation.


We explained our position in last Wednesday's video. See the link in the description.


This new attack by ANTIFA will now be answered. This is the second unjustified attack against us. These people feel strong because they have the German government behind them. 




Expect us!


We have also noticed that many, still far too many, confuse Anonymous with ANTIFA.


We are not sure how one could come to such a conclusion, but we want to set the record straight again.


Anonymous is not ANTIFA.


Anonymous does not support ANTIFA in any way or form.


Anyone who says he is Anonymous and supports political action groups like ANTIFA is not Anonymous.


Again. Anyone who presents himself or herself as Anonymous while defending or supporting a political figure, party, or political action groups like ANTIFA is not Anonymous.


ANTIFA is a political action group whose goal is to promote civil unrest, and which seeks to use public fear through slander, violence, vandalism, chaos, and destruction of private and public property to further its agenda of a communist new world order, which is what is happening right now, it says very clearly in its own manual that they have.


They have attacked countless individuals and injured innocent people for the only crime of disagreeing with them, or in many cases only by being, in their own way, one of their opponents, but it is not limited to that.


Not only those who disagree with them, but also elderly people in wheelchairs are not safe from their idiocy.


It seems that you only have to disagree with them, and then you are a racist fascist, corona denier and so on, and you are branded and hurt by these people. 


This does not sound like the work of an antifascist group, it sounds more like the work of those they are supposedly against. Fascists. 


The irony is that most of those who accuse them of being what they claim to be are exactly themselves. 

What they do on the street, they have now massively brought to the Interwebz, they have grown with their lies and false operations and are exerting more and more intense pressure.


ANTIFA is also supported by other large alleged Anonymous Twitter accounts to help people who still think that the majority is always right to make them feel they are truly Anonymous.


All this is just to spread their sick ideas to the public and force the officials to raise their hands.


We have shown all this in previous videos.


Now in retrospect.


Anyone who claims to be Anonymous while supporting or propagandistically promoting ANTIFA is not Anonymous.


Do not follow them and stop supporting them immediately.


They use our name to fill their ranks, since their ideas alone do not attract the supporters they need to achieve their goals.


Anonymous does not support the use of smear campaigns, violence, vandalism, riots, or the like to spread our message.


We need not try in vain to use these tactics to promote publicity, for we are the truth.


We stand for freedom, liberty, justice and truth.


These ideals stand on their own and do not need any of these despicable tactics of slander and violence to be accepted by the masses.


ANTIFA believes that they can achieve their goals through fear and violence.


However, the misjudgement of their tactics only causes many people to become aware of the people they really are for and who they really represent. People will not accept their ideas.


They see through your rhetoric, and frankly so do we.


We have included the unofficial creed, "Anonymous for all," to help people better understand who and what we are and who and what we are not.


We will include a few links in the description of the fake Anonymous site that encourages, supports, and/or defends violent political action groups while attacking other Anons, so you can see what it looks like.


Time will tell.

Well then, the time has come to fight ANTIFA on the web whemently.


We would like them to wake up and find out what forces are behind them and why they have already been classified as a domestic terrorist group in the US.


So even if you do succeed, which you won't, but suppose for the Lulz, it would, what do you think will happen to all of them?


They have already done the groundwork for their own demise.


The puppeteers will get rid of their used tools as soon as they are finished.


Wake up! 


You are playing right into their hands.


Stand down!



We are Anonymous.


We are Legion


We are the harbingers of justice


ANTIFA expect us!


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